Faith, Hope, Love

2016 was a difficult year for me with respect to my health.   And while I am better in 2017,  I continue to struggle with new problems.  Rather than delve into details, I want instead to offer you poems that I’d written some years ago.  I hope they will offer you a small measure of comfort, as it does me.


Give me faith
the measure of one thimble,
and my soul will sprout,
this cracked and arid land
will bloom green and gold
rich with coconut grove,
and paddy fields, and tea plantations.
Give me faith,
the measure of one thimble,
and I will rise like the Himalaya at dawn.


Bring me hope
in bright brass urns
of monsoon rain,
between the claps of thunder
under thoughts that fill ponds
and swell the river
Bring me hope
and I will bloom
like a lotus in sun.

(published in Get Well Wishes, Harper San Francisco)



Take me back
to the beginning.
Wrap a peace which falls
like sheer rain
between folds of petals
under blades of grass,
between unanswered questions,
the pain, ripe and raw
pungent as forgiveness.

(published in Serenity Prayers, Andrew McMeel Publishing)













11 thoughts on “Faith, Hope, Love”

    1. Thank you, Andrew. They are old poems, but timeless, and get more meaningful to my life as time goes on, and hard times roll in. Sending you warm regards, and glad you are doing well.

  1. Love and Prayers to you, beautiful Lalita! xoxoxox

    ~~~ Mare Cromwell Visionary and Co-Web Weaver – 1000 Goddesses Gathering

    Multi-Award Winning Author Gaia Mystic, Healer & International Speaker 240-405-4265 Matierra, LLC

    ~ The Great Mother Bible: or, I’d rather be gardening…. ~ Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother ~ If I gave you God’s phone number…. Searching for Spirituality in America

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    “The Earth is your Mother and Grandmother. When you walk on the Earth, you are making a prayer to her.” ~ Burleigh Mutén


    1. Thank you, Mare. Long time no see. I think the last time we met was at Baltimore Yoga Village. Glad you are doing well. I can see that from your many writings and activities.

  2. Dear Lalita, I need these words this morning. My grandson died during the night, two weeks shy of his tenth birthday. Cancer. I hope your health is returning. I wish you all good things. Sonia

    1. Oh Sonia, my heart hurts for you. I am so, so sorry for your loss of your young grandson. We aren’t supposed to watch our children or grandchildren leave us. It upsets the natural order of things. I am grateful that my little poems bring you comfort. What can we do but cling to our faith, hope and love in this world? Sending you love and peaceful thoughts.

    1. Thank you Sharmila. I was away at my brother’s place for the last few days. Venzy was passing through on her way to the west coast.
      So glad you liked those poems. Much love.

  3. Hi Lalita, Thank you so much for your beautiful book of poems. Your work is profoundly moving.

    Zarina included your signed copy to us with a host of other items at Christmas time. I love reading your work and pick up your book many times. Wi has been in Thailand looking after her mother who has lung cancer. She is 81 and going slowly downwards. Wi’s been there one month already. I will be joining her from the 18th Jan. We miss each other. Isnt she lovely? Zarina and Larry are the best neighbours in the world. Warmest love to you and you family. I pass on Wi’s love to you in her absence. Bruce


    1. Bruce, thank you for your sweet note. I am so very glad that you liked my poems. Please give my love to Wi. Zarina did tell me that she was looking after her mother. Have a safe trip to Thailand. I’m going to blog about Thailand one of these days. Perhaps you’ll enjoy reading it.

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