Mustard Seed: A Collage of Science, Art and Love Poems

Very happy to tell you that I won my second Maryland Individual Artist Award, this time in poetry (the last one was fiction some years ago.) I submitted fifteen poems (the max allowed) that ended up in “Mustard Seed: A Collage of Science, Art and Love Poems.” Also, Beltway Poetry Journal named it one of ten best poetry book in 2016.

In honor of Mother’s Day, here is a poem from my book that I wrote for my grand daughter when my daughter-in-law was in labor.

UNWRITTEN POEM (for Emerson)

That day I wanted to write you a poem,
a villanelle, ghazal, pantoum,
even just a haiku.

I wanted rippled syllables,
rhyming words to squeeze into lines
and spill over when they ought to.

But that day—
there was no language, not even alphabets
for the journey you were taking.

So, I offered you my memory
of your father’s birth,
his twenty-hour journey into a world

soon to be yours.
I offered you what I couldn’t
offer him that day—

my quiet aching heart yearning to take
all the sorrow you would ever face
now –now while you were still safe

before you turned the first page.

And here she is now:







8 thoughts on “”

  1. Wonderful! I am so glad your work is receiving the recognition it deserves—also, that you continue to write.

  2. Ah, Lolita–the poem is perfect. And I feel it–I have a two day old great grandchild! Thank you–love, Liz


  3. Congratulations Lalita, on both your MD Individual Artist Award and on this lovely poem. I really felt the emotion. My only grandchild just turned one year old and I really wish I could absorb some of the disappointment and pain he will confront later in life.

  4. Lalita, an absolutely beautiful poem! Congratulations to you and thank you for a lovely start to my day. Miss you,

  5. Congratulations, dear Lalita! Your awards are so very well deserved. Your words evoke deep feelings in us. You bring such beauty to this world!!

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