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Short Fiction in Literary Journals

“Indelible Lines”
The Persimmon Tree, Summer 2010 Issue

“Cat Cry”
Gargoyle, vol. 54 (2009)

“Where Hearts Lie”
Urbanite, Issue 33 (March 2007)

“Night Owl”
City Paper, vol. 30 no. 48 (2006)

“The Face of Love”
Attic, vol. 1 (2006)

“My American”
Reed: A Journal of Poetry and Prose, vol. 57 (2004)

“Touch the Moon”
BrickStreet: A Journal of the Arts, vol. 1 (2002)

“Deep Wells”
The Asian Pacific Journal, vol. 9, no. 2 (2001)

“Half and Half”
WordWrights, no. 17 (Fall/Winter 2000)

Potomac Review, no. 26 (2000)

Poetry in Literary Journals

“Gypsy Girls”
Beltway Poetry Journal, vol. 14:4, Fall Issue (2013)

“Forty Years Later: What I know”
The Cortland Review, no. 59 (2013)

“The Secret,” “Almost Home,” and Certainty”
Thana On Line (2012)

“A Poet’s Calculations”
Persimmon Tree International Poetry, Fall Issue (2012)

“Bar Talk”
Arlington Literary Journal, Issue 48 (2011)

“The Python,” Butterfly,” “Waimangu Valley”
Mascara Literary Review (July 2011)

“From Bombay to Baltimore” and “Phony Lines”
Pirene Fountain, Issue 9, vol. 4 (2011)

“Mother’s Stories”
Spillway, no. 15 (2010)

“Mother’s Bunions”
The Orange Room Review, no. 25 (August 2010)

“The Visible Light Spectrum” and “Across Bones”
Little Patuxtent Review, Summer Issue (2010)

Anthologies: Fiction, Non-fiction, and Poetry

“Forty Years Later: What I Know” and “Beyond the Cenezoic Era”
Suvaranarekha, An Anthology of Indian Woman Poets Writing in English

“Sponge Bath,” “Immigrant Dandelion,” and “Evolution in Reverse”
The Dance of the Peacock; Indian-English Poetry Anthology (Hidden Book Press, 2013)

“Mother’s Passport,” “Tasting Time,” “The Kiss,” “Specimen Child,” “The Widow”
Life in Me Like Grass on Fire (MWA Books, 2011)

“Where Hearts Lie”
City Sages, Baltimore (City Lit Press, 2010)

“One Year After My Divorce”
Keeping Time: 150 Years of Journal Writing (2009)

“Shanti’s Choice”
New Lines from the Old State, An Anthology of Maryland Writers (2008)

“A New Leaf”
Urbanite, no. 43 (2008)

“Long Shorts” and “Chameleon Writers”
South Asian Review, vol. 28, no. 3 (2007) and vol. 27, no. 4 (2006)

“The Visit”
Aunties: Thirty-five Writers Celebrate Their Other Mother (Ballantine Books, 2004)

The Best of Artscape (2001)and Tapestries, an Anthology of Senior Citizen Writing (2004)

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