Her Skin Phyllo-thin


Her Skin Phyllo-thin
Finishing Line Press
ISBN: 978-1-62229-562-3

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Reviews of Her Skin Phyllo-thin

“These are feminist poems in the strongest, must subtle sense, filled with the knowledge that flows across generations from grandmother and mother to a daughter who is both scientist and poet. As befits her training, Noronha writes with precision but is never didactic, writes often in sorrow but is never maudlin. Her lines breathe with the natural rhythm of her respiration, her images swing between cultures. The poems are closely observed, deeply felt and quietly astonishing.”
Michael Salcman, author of The Enemy of Good is Better and editor of Poetry in Medicine

“Immigration comes with separation. How often does it come with fate? Lalita Noronha measures time by her mother’s age and health. India is never far from the poems included in Her Skin Phyllo-thin. Noronha’s poems glow on moonless nights. Place them next to a cup of mint tea and sip one word at a time.”
E. Ethelbert Miller, Author of How We Sleep On The Nights We Don’t Make Love

“It is rare to discover poetry of this quality by a scientist equally skilled in microbiology, at home in the writing of prose, and with the power of the poetry the reader will find in Her Skin Phyllo-thin.”
Myra Sklarew Author of Harmless, and forthcoming, A Survivor Named Trauma

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