Welcome to my New Blog

As a writer, I want my blog to blend elements of Indian and American culture, the two countries that are “home” to me, my careers as a research scientist, teacher, poet, and author, and now that my parents are deceased, my role as the oldest member of a multinational, inter-faith family spread out on four continents. I hope you’ll join me as I travel and share my stories, poems, recipes and pictures with you and that you will write back and offer your insights as well.

Here is a picture of a Sunset in Goa, India, on my last visit home in 2008.

11 thoughts on “Welcome to my New Blog”

  1. Hi Lalita –

    Godspeed to your novel writing. And I know you can slog through it. I will send you prayers and good energy for your writing.

    As I, too, slog through the challenges of writing a book this winter also. In colder climes… ;`)

    Blessings to you!

  2. Lalita, how lovely it was to read this. I look forward to additional posts. Some friends just moved to Hamilton, NZ. Is that near you?

  3. Lalita, blessed by your invitation to follow your newest journey…you have always inspired me. I will anticipate your posts and keep you in thought and prayer, as always! Sending Love and Peace from New Orleans to New Zealand!

  4. Dear Lalita,
    Happy, healthy 2012. I’ll think of you as I read your reflections. Enjoy many new adventures with sister. Know that we all wish you well.
    We eagerly anticipate a new book!!!

  5. Of course, I miss you my friend!. The pictures are incredibly beautiful. I can’t wait to read your book… good luck with it. I love to follow you on your journey, even if only with my mind’s eyes and my heart. Be well.
    Warm hugs

  6. Lalita,
    I have never blogged, seen a blog, read a blog or subscribed to a blog…the word itself sounds kind of funny when you type it four times in a row. But how wonderful finding your blog as my first! As I’ve had spare moments today I have read some of your work or listened/read interviews and am thoroughly enjoying all of it. Many aspects of the blog draw me in like being a writer of poetry and fiction as I aspire to write both, not on purpose but because it comes to me that way. Also, the Indian culture has always appealed to me from many, many aspects…not just all the Indian movies I watch (<—attempt at humor). And of course the hometown Baltimore connection is always a plus.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Yes, Kimberly “blog” sounds like a joke! So you have a Baltimore connection? And you are a writer! How cool is that! If writing just “comes” to you, there is nothing better. Big Aspirations and Ambition come in the way of creativity, I believe. I blog rarely as you can tell, but when I do, I try to make it be my best writing of the day. That my work is enjoyable to you inspires me to be a better “blogger.” (another silly derivative of the word.) Maybe we’ll meet in Baltimore sometime if you come. Thank you so much.

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